Russian Blue Cat
Russian Blue Cat


Russian Blues are a rare pedigree short-haired cat breed with a solid blue coat and emerald green eyes. It has an elegant, slender shape and a beautiful face with an expression that’s often referred to as smiling. Many refer to it as a “Mona Lisa smile.” But this glamorous stunner is no diva.

The Russian Blue makes a great pet that’s suitable for most households. Their personalities are engaging and lively. They are easy to care for and easy to get along with. They are NOT pushovers! With these blue beauties you will need to keep up with thwir intelligence, or they will be training you.

Coat Color

Are Russian Blue Cats actually grey or blue? They have a dilute gene that effects the normally black hair. This causes the silvery coat of the Russian Blue. That blue coat is also silky-to-the-touch and a double-layered coat!

Do they actually come in a solid white also??? YES! Russian White Cats are a medium sized breed of domestic cats. Russian white cats are delicate and elegant cat and have been a woman's classy cat since decades. The Russian Blue comes in three diffrent colors however they are divided into seperate breeds based off color. Russian White cats were bred in the 1970's from Russian Blue Cats. These cats live a long life of 15 years.

CFA Russian Blue At Cat Show
Russian Blue At CFA Cat Show


You may have thought that it’s impossible to train a cat (except to use the litter box), but that’s not true. Some cats are more trainable than others, though, and the Russian Blue is one of those. Their intelligence and docile nature make them good candidates for training, and they enjoy learning trick behaviors.


Once a Kitten, Always a Kitten

The Russian Blue is an unusually playful breed. In their desire and energy for play, they remain kittens well into adulthood. They love to play with toys, so you’ll want to have plenty around. They also are known for enjoying a game of fetch with their owners. (But more than one owner warns that if you’re not careful, they will train you to be the fetcher!) With their high intelligence, they also need mental stimulation and enjoy interactive toys and puzzle toys.

Russian Blue, Black and White Kittens For Sale
Russian Blue Kittens

Breed Standard

CFA Point Scoring

Video of Russian Blues in championship class judging at the 2018 CFA International Cat Show held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The judge in the video is Rachel Anger.


They are NOT Hypoallergenic. Russian Blues do not shed much, and many people think that they’re hypoallergenic. This is not strictly true.

Russian Blues do produce less glycoprotein Fel d 1 (a protein in saliva and skin that is a known allergen) than most cats. This makes them more likely to be compatible with family members who have mild to moderate allergies.

Kittens For Sale

Russian blue kittens for sale are VERY rare. Click here to see if any breeders are expecting.

Please before you buy a kitten read this book!

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