How much does a Russian blue cat cost?

Purebred Russian Blues usually costs between $1400 and $2600.

Why are are Russian Blues so expensive?

The base cost of raising cats has risen considerably over the years. Advancements in DNA testing have helped weed out unwanted health problems but it is costly to perform such DNA tests. Reputable breeders retired queens and kings early so they can live pampered pet lives, resulting in needing to raise youngsters to replace those adults, again adding to the overall cost. 

Your breeder has to buy cat food, cat litter, Cat toys, cat trees, grooming supplies, and the list goes on.

Showing cats is one of the most expensive endeavors a breeder can undertake. The costs are enormous; from transportation, hotels, entry fees, and much more. At the end of the day a breeder is lucky to break even. This price may seem high to you but it's guaranteed to be barely enough to cover the overhead for your breeder.

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